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Sukoon Walk

Sukoon Zabarwan Climb

(April to Mid December)

This is a superb hill walk offering great views of Dal Lake and the surrounding hills.  The hike is moderate-strenuous and anyone with an average level of fitness can do it.  The trail originates from a Sufi shrine near a small village and terminates at a small cave where the Sufi saint is believed to have meditated for several years. 

 We will be accompanied by a villager, who will also host our lunch when we finish the trek.  This person belongs to a rishi (a high caste Hindu) family of the village; he is very proud of his origins and takes great delight in showing visitors the scenic beauty of his birthplace.

In the initial stage the march is through a small village but enters a wilderness soon after; the whole trek lasts around 3-4 hours and is quite steep at a few places with loose stones.  This is a round trip and concludes at the house where a refreshing lunch with our guide’s family awaits us.

This trekking tour is nearly a day long from the time we leave Sukoon after breakfast and return to home base.  We can call it a day by 3pm and be back in Sukoon unless we choose to spend some time looking at the shops in the town.

For more details on this walk, contact us.

NOTE:Kashmir is still young in tourism terms and has opened after 22 years of unrest, so services may vary in standards to other destination in India, specially guides are still learning the art of handling VIP guests. Sukoon team will do very best to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday for your guests.