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Sukoon Old City Walk

Sunrise is one spectacle that never fails to dazzle, no matter how many times you see it.  Viewed from Fizaa (ambience), the sundeck of Houseboat Sukoon, this display is even more mesmeric, as you watch the play of light on the lake waters.  Behold a ‘Sukoon’ sunrise first thing in the day and after morning ablutions tuck into an appetizing breakfast in the fresh air atop Fizaa before leaving for the ‘Old City Walk’ in the old district of Srinagar only 20 minutes away.

The walk begins at Zaina Kadal (bridge).  Across the bridge is a living breathing museum of Islamic architecture, where as far as the eye can see are located homes, more than a century old.  Tramp through the old quarters of Srinagar city into narrow streets, past structures and buildings, relics from an earlier period, trying to retain their dignity in the fast changing world so alien to them

Perambulating through the narrow lanes and by lanes you come out at the grand mosque of Jami Masjid and later at the Shah Hamadan mosque.

One of the most important mosques Jami Masjid is an impressive wooden structure, notable for the more than 300 soaring pillars supporting the roof; each made of a single deodar tree trunk.  The main gate is to the south and the outer cloisters surround a spacious, green and peaceful inner courtyard.

Shah Hamdan Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Srinagar.  The wooden mosque stands right beside the Jhelum and is noted for the papier-mâché work on its walls and ceilings.  No nails or screws were used in the construction of this all-wooden mosque.  Originally built in 1395 it has been destroyed by fire in 1479 and again in 1731.

The last stop on our itinerary is the Zaina Kadal Market to soak up the atmosphere so typical of a local market anywhere in the world.  Take in the sights and aromas of spices and dry fruits on display; watch the coppersmiths at their craft beating sheets of copper into a souvenir that you may want to take home.

After a traditional Kashmiri lunch in a local restaurant, drive up to the Shankaracharya temple.  The car will take you to the foot of the flight of stairs, leading to the temple point and no further.  The rest of way you climb but the effort is worth it because the bird eye views of the valley from the temple precincts are truly breathtaking.  After visiting the temple you take a shikara ride all the way back to Sukoon and it delights!

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NOTE:Kashmir is still young in tourism terms and has opened after 22 years of unrest, so services may vary in standards to other destination in India, specially guides are still learning the art of handling VIP guests. Sukoon team will do very best to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday for your guests.